spec-dr-vet-Ivan-JevticIvan Jevtic was born in 1970. In 1990 enrolls the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade, and graduates in 1997. After completing basic Academic Studies, he starts working as an assistant trainee at the Department of Biology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade.

He is licensed doctor of the Veterinary Chamber of Serbia. Specialty: Minimally invasive surgery on pets.

Member of:
• VKS – Vetrinar Chamber of Serbia
• UEHS – Association of Endoscopic Surgery of Serbia
• EAES – European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons
• ASAEE – Endoscopy and EndoSurgery of Small Animals
• VES – Vetrinarium Endoscopic Society (America)
• MINIMAL – Iberian Association for Minimally Invasive Surgery (Spain and Portugal)

He founded Veterinary clinic IVAVET in 2001.

Specialized Academic Studies finished in 2013 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade. He has a number of certificates on completed courses in the field of endoscopic (laparoscopic) surgery and diagnostics, among which he would like to emphasize the certificate obtained for successful completion of the course on laparoscopic procedures – Higher course for Urologists, Gynecologists and Surgeons obtained by the Association of Doctors of Vojvodina – Serbian Medical Association in 2013.

Certificate of completion of the course of Veterinary endoscopy obtained by Endo Veterinary School (Veski, Russia), organized and held in May in 2016, at the Central Veterinary Clinic (Central Veterinary Clinic, Sofia) in Bulgaria, where the honorary lecturers were Alexander Chernov, DVM, PhD from Russia, Jakov Shengaut, DVM, PhD, Lithuania, Geert-Jan Arntz, DVM from the Netherlands and Boris Melyakov from Russia.




In the period from 26 to 28 September 2016, participates in the Balkan week of endoscopic veterinary diagnostics, held in Sofia, with special emphasis on the endoscopic approach to gastrointestinal, respiratory, urogenital tract and ear canal in small animals. The instructor in the work was the Dr. Alexandr Chernov DVM, PhD from Russia, certified instructor of Karl Storz and VESK (veterinary endo school).

On 01.12.2016. he became a member of the Association of Endoscopic Surgeons of Serbia (UEHS), whose president is Prof. Dr. Miloš Bjelović from the First Surgical Clinic of the Clinical Center in Belgrade. Participates in the First Symposium of the Association of Endoscopic Surgeons of Serbia “Laparoscopic surgery in Serbia today,” which was held on 12.02.2016.



In January 2017. becames a member of EuropeanAssociation for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) with member ID# 7223.


In April 2017. at constituent assembly meeting of Association for Smamm Animal Endoscopy and Endosurgery was elected for the Association’s presidency.


In the period from June 9 to 10, 2017, he participates at the 1st EVENDOC conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, as a lecturer with the topic Laparoscopic vasectomy with the male cat.


At the I ASAEE Conference, held on October 14, 2017 in Belgrade, he is also participating as a lecturer with the topic Assisted Laparoscopic Oreochysterectomy in Dogs.


In the period from October 12 to October 14, 2017, he participates in the 1st Congress of Endoscopic Surgery of Serbia with international participation in Belgrade.


In February 2018 he is a member of the Veterinary Endoscopic Society.

In the period from 4 to 5 May 2018 in Valencia, Spain, he participates at the European Veterinary Endoscopic Conference (EVENDOC) as a lecturer on “Assisted Laparoscopic Ovaryhysterectomy in a Dog with a Piometer”.
In Lisbon, at the Fifteenth Congress of the VES (Veterinary Endoscopic Society), held from 21 to 23 May 2018, he participates as a lecturer on the topic “Laparoscopic assisted removal of large unilateral ovarian mass in a Maltese dog”